Long Beach Home Market

Nestled along the picturesque coastline of Southern California, Long Beach has become an increasingly popular destination for homebuyers seeking the perfect combination of coastal living and urban amenities. Boasting a vibrant culture, stunning beaches, and a thriving economy, it comes as no surprise that the real estate market in Long Beach is witnessing substantial growth. With an abundance of desirable neighborhoods and a diverse range of properties, Long Beach is truly a hotbed of opportunity for homebuyers and investors alike.

Long Beach Homes on both sides of a street

Long Beach Median List Price

According to recent data, the median listing home price in Long Beach, CA stands at an impressive $755,000. This figure reflects the average asking price for homes currently on the market. However, it is important to note that the average Long Beach home value is even higher, at $800,000. This indicates that homes in this area are not only in high demand but also command a premium price due to the desirability of the location.

Long Beach Home Inventory

Currently, there are 391 homes available for sale in Long Beach, providing prospective buyers with a wide range of options to suit their preferences and budget. These properties encompass a diverse array of architectural styles, ranging from charming bungalows and craftsman homes to contemporary condos and luxurious waterfront estates. Regardless of one’s preference, there is undoubtedly a home to satisfy every taste and lifestyle in Long Beach.

Long Beach Neighborhoods

Among the most sought-after neighborhoods in Long Beach are Belmont Shore, Naples Island, and Bixby Knolls. Belmont Shore, known for its vibrant shopping and dining scene, offers a unique beach lifestyle with homes situated along charming canals and picturesque streets. Naples Island, on the other hand, is a dreamland for water enthusiasts, with its idyllic waterfront properties and a network of canals reminiscent of the famed Italian city. Bixby Knolls, an up-and-coming neighborhood, offers a mix of historic homes and modern developments, attracting buyers seeking a blend of character and convenience.

What sets Long Beach apart from other coastal cities in California is its accessibility and affordability. While neighboring cities like Newport Beach and Laguna Beach often come with exorbitant price tags, Long Beach offers a more affordable entry point into the coveted beachside lifestyle. This affordability has attracted a diverse range of residents, from young professionals seeking a vibrant city atmosphere to families looking for excellent schools and a tight-knit community.

In addition to its prime location and attractive housing options, Long Beach boasts a robust and diverse economy. The city is home to the second-busiest seaport in the United States, providing a wealth of job opportunities in the shipping and logistics industry. Furthermore, the presence of California State University, Long Beach, contributes to a thriving academic and research sector. With a range of employment opportunities available, Long Beach continues to attract individuals and families seeking both career growth and a high quality of life.

As the Long Beach real estate market continues to flourish, it presents an opportune time for buyers and investors to explore the possibilities this coastal gem has to offer. With a median listing home price of $755,000 and an average home value of $800,000, it is evident that the demand for Long Beach properties remains strong. Whether one is drawn to the charm of Belmont Shore, the tranquility of Naples Island, or the up-and-coming vibe of Bixby Knolls, Long Beach offers a diverse range of neighborhoods to suit all preferences and budgets. With its ideal location, vibrant economy, and affordable coastal living, Long Beach is truly a city that exemplifies the California dream.

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Author: Airdeed Media