AirDeed Launches Airbnb Property Sourcing Service 

AirDeed, the leading Airbnb marketplace, has launched its new Airbnb property-sourcing service. Headed by a prior Head of STR Acquisitions for an institutional fractional share short-term rental company. AirDeed property sourcing packages start at $2,500 and go up to $10,000 for a nationwide search. They will also be allowing private funds, institutional companies, and other businesses to seek their services as well.

What is a Property Sourcing?

Property Sourcing is the activity by which deals are found, and sent by a Property Sourcer to an Investor for a fee. The person who carries out these actions is the Property Sourcing Agent.

An investor might not have the time to source properties but has the cash to utilize a property sourcing service to help out. They can find the property, analyze them, and only supply the ones that meet the investors’ requirements to the end user. It can be extremely useful to individuals who want to invest in Airbnb properties but don’t have the knowledge necessary. 

AirDeed can also source hosting and a design team to make the process 100% passive for the investor. This as opposed to an investor joining a private placement offering or Reg A, can save a potential 10% sourcing fee on the purchase, design, furnishing, and remodeling costs that these companies charge.

Property sourcing involves the analysis, negotiation and completion of property deals. This involves researching the area, choosing a strategy and sourcing leads. Once you have decided which leads offer the best investment opportunities, make offers and close the deal.

Deal sourcing refers to the service of property sourcing where a deal sourcer acts for a property investor in order to locate and secure a property. Although this may sound like an estate agent’s role, it is quite different from how property sourcers and estate agencies interact with people and properties. Estate agents advertise properties and property sourcers are often out looking for properties. People will approach estate agents to view these properties.

Individuals who want to invest in property, but lack the time or the expertise, can hire a property-sourcing agent. They should have a solid understanding of the market. A variety of property types and investment goals can be met by property sourcers. Property sourcers might look at various investment properties on the real estate market and identify the one that can be renovated by the investor to make it a profitable sale. They might also try to increase the client’s monthly cash flow, such as finding the right property that can be put on the rental marketplace to generate monthly income. Property sourcers might be able to identify properties below market value. A sourcing service can be beneficial for first-time buyers looking to invest in property. Check out our Youtube channel for more Airbnb investment advise.

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