California’s Top 10 Most Expensive Cities Revealed by Current Home Prices In Latest Airdeed Homes Study

Airdeed Homes, the leading real estate search site, has released an exclusive study that details California’s top 10 most expensive cities, based on median home prices. This study is based on the most recent data available from multiple listing services and sheds light upon these wealthy communities’ real estate landscape.

Atherton, the most expensive city in California, has a median price of $10.495,000.00. Hidden Hills is close behind with a median home price of $9,000,000.00. This demonstrates the exclusivity and luxurious nature of these locations.

The complete list is as follows:

Atherton – $10,495,000.00
Hidden Hills – $9,000,000.00
Monte Sereno – $6,664,000.00
Hillsborough – $5,695,000.00
Los Altos – $5,495,000.00
Los Altos Hills – $5,237,500.00
Mount Shasta – $5,099,000.00
Rancho Santa Fe – $4,649,000.00
Del Mar – $4,622,500.00
Newport Beach – $4,599,000.00
Solana Beach – $4,572,000.00
Newport Coast – $4,247,500.00
Corona del Mar – $4,049,999.50
Saratoga – $3,893,944.00
South Pasadena – $3,541,500.00
Woodside – $3,499,000.00
Laguna Beach – $3,497,500.00
Manhattan Beach – $3,495,000.00
Palos Verdes Estates – $3,374,500.00
Coronado – $3,200,000.00

Newport Beach is a city that stands out in California for its stunning views of the coast and luxurious lifestyle. Newport Beach homes are a coastal lifestyle of luxury with a median price of $4.599,000.00. This vibrant city has a reputation for beautiful beaches, waterfront properties and thriving culture.

Airdeed Homes research offers valuable insight into California’s luxury real estate market for homebuyers, industry professionals, and investors. These figures emphasize the exceptional property values of these cities and the unique lifestyles and investment opportunities that they offer.

This research provides a snapshot into the current landscape of real estate, but it is important to remember that market dynamics can change. Airdeed Homes is committed to providing accurate, timely information that will empower consumers to navigate California’s real-estate market.

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Author: Cory W