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Lexington's Vibrant Neighborhoods Beckon Residents Anew

Have you ever considered the diverse array of cultural events and culinary delights that await you in the heart of Lexington's neighborhoods? As you navigate through the maze of options, you might be intrigued by the fusion of historical charm and modern amenities that define these vibrant communities. Stay tuned to uncover the secrets that lie within each neighborhood and the unique lifestyle they offer to residents seeking a place to call home.

Downtown Lexington

Step into Downtown Lexington and immerse yourself in a vibrant community bursting with art galleries showcasing local talent and culinary delights that will tantalize your taste buds. The art scene in Downtown Lexington is a treasure trove of creativity, offering you a chance to explore unique pieces and support local artists. As you stroll through the streets, you'll be greeted by the aroma of freshly prepared dishes from a variety of dining options, ranging from cozy cafes to upscale restaurants. The thriving businesses in this area add to the dynamic atmosphere, inviting you to be a part of a bustling community where you can find both inspiration and satisfaction. Downtown Lexington is where art, food, and commerce come together to create an inviting and lively space for you to belong.

Masterson Station

Nestled in a welcoming community, Masterson Station offers a picturesque setting with medium to large-sized homes and a median real estate price of $315,906. Embrace the sense of belonging in this 497-acre neighborhood with association dues of just $72/year. Imagine coming home to OBC Kitchen and Bella Notte, favorite local spots that add charm to this inviting area. Masterson Station Park is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, perfect for picnics and leisurely strolls. With friendly neighbors and a strong community spirit, you'll feel right at home here. Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this vibrant neighborhood where every street tells a story of togetherness and warmth. Welcome to Masterson Station!


With its historic charm, walkable streets, and a vibrant community spirit, Kenwick in Lexington invites you to experience a neighborhood like no other.

  1. Stroll Through History: Explore the historic homes dating back to pre-1939, each telling a unique story of Kenwick's past.
  2. Safe and Sound: Enjoy peace of mind with the neighborhood's emphasis on walkability and safety, perfect for evening strolls or morning jogs.
  3. Community Connection: Engage with friendly neighbors who value togetherness, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all.
  4. Local Delights: Indulge in the culinary scene with favorites like Jeff Rubys Steakhouse and Saul Good Restaurant and Pub, adding flavor to your Kenwick experience.

Come join us in Kenwick, where every corner holds a piece of history and every step feels like home.


Immerse yourself in the tranquil charm and countryside allure of Tuscany, a community in Lexington where modern amenities blend seamlessly with serene surroundings. Tuscany offers a countryside charm that envelops you as soon as you arrive, making you feel at home in this close-knit community. The small to medium-sized houses provide a cozy and intimate atmosphere, perfect for fostering strong connections with your neighbors. With homes priced between $599,900 to $949,900 and an HOA fee of just $25 per month, Tuscany offers an affordable yet luxurious living experience. Enjoy favorite local spots like Bourbon n Toulouse, Merrick Inn Restaurant, and Shillito Park, adding to the community's appeal. Embrace the peaceful lifestyle and sense of belonging that Tuscany has to offer.


Escape to the tranquil retreat of Summerfield where you can embrace a peaceful lifestyle surrounded by reasonably priced homes and serene natural beauty. Here's why you should consider making Summerfield your new home:

  1. Tranquil Community: Enjoy the peace and quiet of a neighborhood designed for relaxation and harmony.
  2. Energy Efficient Homes: Experience modern living with environmentally friendly features that help you save on utility bills.
  3. Scenic Pond and Fountain: Find solace by the tranquil pond and fountain, perfect for unwinding after a long day.
  4. Community Amenities: Benefit from a range of amenities that cater to your needs, enhancing your quality of life in this welcoming neighborhood.

Discover the perfect blend of comfort and nature in Summerfield.

Ashland Park & Greenbrier

Consider the allure of Ashland Park & Greenbrier, where historic charm meets modern luxury in Lexington's prestigious neighborhoods. In Ashland Park, experience the elegance of older homes with a range of $600,000 to $3 million, offering a glimpse into Lexington's rich history. Greenbrier beckons with its exclusive golf and country club, featuring custom-built homes on spacious lots priced between $780,000 to $1.3 million. Live the life of luxury in these well-established communities, where every corner exudes sophistication and comfort. Embrace the tranquil surroundings, top-notch amenities, and the sense of belonging that comes with residing in a golf community. Discover the epitome of luxury living in Ashland Park & Greenbrier, where every day feels like a retreat.

Author: Cory W